Bracelets and Watches

African Celebration Bracelet 19.99

Colorful and festive spiral bracelet that gives hope to HIV-positive artisans in South Africa!

African Nights Bracelet 14.99

Each bracelet sold provides emotional, spiritual, and financial support to the women of Proverbs 31 in Uganda.

Asha Bracelet 29.99

This bracelet featuring multi-size paper beads, glass beads, and brass-toned charms is helping widows in India transform their lives.

Asian Transformation Bracelet 29.99

Each bracelet is handmade by Asian women who are rebuilding their lives after being victims of sex trafficking!

Belief Bracelet 12.99

This handmade brown leather bracelet with silver-tone cross is a perfect prayer reminder!

Blessed Bracelet Stack 26.99

These intricate bracelets of tiny black and silver glass beads are handwoven by the women artisans of Blessed Hope in Nepal.

Burmese Bracelet 29.99

Unique, semi-precious stone bracelet handwoven by artisans in the famous mining town of Mogok, Myanmar.

Burmese Coin Bracelet 22.99

Unique bracelet of vintage Burmese coins handmade by artisans in Mogok, Myanmar.

Circle of Faith Bracelet 19.99

Add a pop of color to any outfit with this handmade African bracelet.

Circle of Hope Bracelet 12.99

Vibrant and feminine, these crafts are actually ingenious designs from recycled paper.

Circle of Life Bracelet 19.99

Brown and turquoise bracelet gives hope to women rescued from sexual exploitation.

Curly Shell Bracelet 9.99

Unique bracelet featuring mother-of-pearl curl shells that serves as a prayer reminder for AIDS victims in South Africa.

Do Justice Cuff 29.99

Truth reminder throughout your day, stylish, and great way to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly” as you help Kenyan artisans out of poverty.

Elephant Wrap Bracelet 44.99

Adjustable bracelet provides food, shelter, and education to Deaf women and their families.

Emma Bracelet 22.99

Made with pink and purple recycled paper beads, this unique bracelet is sure to add color to your outfit!

Empowerment Bracelet 27.99

By purchasing and wearing this stylish bracelet you are helping empower refugee women rebuild their lives.

Flagstone Bracelet 29.99

Traditional Peruvian beads add color to any outfit.

Flora Bracelet 29.99

Three-strand red chip bracelet crafted by the Deaf women of Sasa Designs.

Fruit of the Spirit Bracelet 29.99

Symbolic bracelet made by women in Texas to represent the fruit of the Spirit.

Global Impact Bracelet 14.99

Brighten up your look as you remember the Village Artisans in India.

Horizon Wrap 44.99

Handmade by deaf artisans in Kenya, this unique bracelet features the colors of the Kenyan horizon.

Indian Mosaic Cuff 29.99

Wear this unique bracelet as a reminder of redemption.

Jordanian Bracelet 34.99

Unique bracelet made by disabled artisans in Jordan.

Jubilee Bracelet 19.99

Stunning bracelet made of multi-sized and multi-colored paper beads by HIV-positive widows in Uganda.

Kenyan Leather Bracelet 9.99

Brown leather bracelet with a unique design by the men of Sema Leatherworks in Kenya.

Lily Bracelet 29.99

A true statement bracelet that will add a pop of color to your wrist! Each bracelet is helping women in Asia come out of sex trafficking.

Maasai Zebra Bracelet 12.99

Zebra patterned bracelet adds a hint of Africa to any outfit.

Naapok Braided Bracelet 16.99

This bracelet made of perfectly braided strands of black, brown, and gold seed beads matches any outfit!

New Jerusalem Bracelet 29.99

A beautiful reminder of the 12 stones of new Jerusalem as described in Revelation 21:19–21.

Peruvian Huayruro Bracelet 29.99

Unique bracelet made of ceramic beads and rare huayruro seeds.

Pretty in Pink Bracelet 12.99

Pretty pink bracelet provides needed income to HIV-positive women in Uganda.

Psalm 23 Bracelet 29.99

Designed to remind you of Psalm 23, each colored bead represents a different part of the Scripture.

River Wrap Bracelet 44.99

Wrap bracelet featuring turquoise beads handmade by the deaf women artisans of Sasa Designs in Kenya who are able to provide for their families for the first time.

Sema Braided Bracelet 9.99

This leather bracelet can be worn by itself or stacked with other bracelets.

Speak Up Bracelet 22.99

A beautiful reminder to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Vivacious Bracelet 12.99

This bracelet adorns your wrist with a mixture of beads in every color in the spectrum!