African Cross Necklace 49.99

Exquisite handmade paper-beaded necklace that features a ceramic cross. Handmade by Kenyan artisans who were living in extreme poverty before they began their work.

Ashlyn Necklace 54.99

With warm brown and red tones, this makes a versatile fall necklace!

Asian Transformation Necklace 37.99

Each necklace is handmade by Asian women who are rebuilding their lives after being victims of sex trafficking.

Autumn Pearl Necklace 49.99

Classic freshwater-pearl necklace is providing a way for Thai trafficking victims to rebuild their lives.

Branching Out Necklace 32.99

Olive wood beads, turquoise stones, and bronze-toned accents make this necklace crafted by Glad Tidings artisans in Jordan unique!

Crocheted Pinwheel Necklace 19.99

Unique necklace hand-crocheted by widows in India.

Emma Necklace 39.99

Made with pink and purple recycled paper beads, this unique necklace is sure to stand out!

Esther Necklace 24.99

A stylish gold-tone necklace adds the finishing touch to a favorite outfit.

Good Samaritan Necklace 34.99

Liven up your outfit with this brightly colored necklace handcrafted by women in Thailand.

Indian Waterfall Necklace 29.99

Great eye-catching, multilayered necklace made of beautiful bronze, chocolate, and teal beads.

Infinity Necklace 9.99

On sale, original price was $19.99. Simple silver necklace is a classic.

Joyful Cross Necklace 24.99

So versatile, so stylish! You can wear this handcrafted piece of jewelry any way you wish.

Kampala Necklace 29.99

Creatively made out of recycled paper, this necklace is sure to add a festive touch to your outfit!

Kenyan Giraffe Necklace 19.99

Safari-inspired necklace that is changing lives throughout Kenya.

Key to Your Heart Necklace 24.99

Unique necklace that reminds us of Christ's love for us.

Rescue Me Necklace 39.99

Spice up any outfit with this statement necklace.

Revolution Necklace 39.99

Handmade beaded necklace that will add glitz and elegance to any outfit.

Ruby Red Necklace 24.99

Handcrafted, multisized ruby red beads make a beautiful necklace.

Sewa Necklace 27.99

Versatile necklace helps transform the lives of the poor in India.

Spice of Life Necklace 29.99

Spice up your jewelry collection with this necklace that is providing much-needed income to artisans in India.

Swahili Necklace 19.99

Add a touch of Africa to your wardrobe with this handmade wooden necklace.

Thai Cross Necklace 49.99

Cross necklace helps trafficked women rebuild their lives.

Thai Pearl Necklace 64.99

Feel glamorous in this shiny bronze coin pearl necklace made by women finding freedom in Thailand!

Transformation Necklace 39.99

Versatile necklace that is truly transforming the lives of the poor in India physically, spiritually, and economically.

Zuri Necklace 36.99

Featuring a handmade ceramic bird and flower design, this lightweight necklace is made of recycled beads and supports families in Kenya!