Across the Globe Earrings 14.99

Wear these globe earrings, handmade by artisans at Eden Ministries in Asia, as a stylish reminder to pray for artisans around the world.

African Cross Earrings 19.99

Provides food, shelter, and education to Deaf women and their families.

African Hope Earrings 14.99

These earrings are not only festive but help support men and women of South Africa who are HIV positive.

Amaze Earrings 19.99

Classic freshwater pearl earrings handmade by Thai women finding hope and empowerment through Samaritan Creations.

Asian Transformation Earrings 17.99

Earrings that are changing the lives of formerly exploited women in Asia.

Blue River Earrings 6.99

Designed and handcrafted by artisans employed by Naapok-Nanyok, a group of Maasai women artisans.

Bombay Earrings 24.99

Classic earrings that rebuild lives of sex trafficking victims in India.

Burmese Coin Earrings 16.99

Unique earrings featuring vintage Burmese coins handmade by artisans in Mogok, Myanmar.

Burmese Earrings 24.99

Unique, semi-precious stone earrings handwoven by artisans in the famous mining town of Mogok, Myanmar.

Clarkston Clip On Earrings 14.99

These neutral clip-on earrings are providing much-needed income to the women artisans of Refugee Beads in Clarkston, Georgia.

Copper Leaf Earrings 14.99

Dangling and dramatic.

Crimson Tear Earrings 16.99

Dainty and fun, these made-in-the-US earrings add a splash of silver and red to your favorite outfit!

Crystal Clear Clip On Earrings 22.99

Crystal clear clip-on earrings that are the perfect match for any outfit.

Curly Shell Earrings 7.99

Distinctive earrings featuring mother-of-pearl curl shells that serve as a prayer reminder for AIDS victims in South Africa.

Delightful Dangles Earrings 17.99

Dangle earrings made of paper beads by Indian widows who are rebuilding their lives.

Drop Pearl Earrings 29.99

A unique combination of classic pearls and copper

Eden Garden Earrings 16.99

Add a spring in your step with these dangling and festive blue-and-green earrings!

Emma Earrings 14.99

Made with pink and purple recycled paper beads, these unique earrings are sure to add color to your outfit!

Flower Petal Earrings 16.99

Handmade earrings that add a touch of pink to any outfit.

Free to Fly Earrings 12.99

Dove silver-tone earrings. Lightweight with a dainty touch!

Golden Twist Earrings 16.99

Hand-beaded earrings that are providing hope and freedom to refugee artisans in Atlanta, Georgia.

Harmony Earrings 14.99

Beautiful earrings that are providing much-needed income to the women artisans of Refugee Beads in Clarkston, Georgia.

I Am the Door Earrings 24.99

These earrings are providing a way for Thai women to rebuild their lives after being exploited.

Indian Waterfall Earrings 16.99

Make a statement with these bold earrings that are empowering men and women in India!

Jordanian Earrings 29.99

Unique earrings made by disabled artisans in Jordan.

Jubilee Earrings 16.99

Fun earrings made of multi-sized and multi-colored paper beads by HIV-positive widows in Uganda.

Little Birdie Earrings 16.99

These earrings are a fun combination of Jordanian olive wood beads and a bird charm!

Magazine Hoop Earrings 15.99

These paper beaded hoop earrings are the perfect size and weight!

Mukisa Earrings 14.99

Add a splash of color to your outfit with these handmade earrings.

Naapok Earrings 6.99

Designed and handcrafted in Tanzania, these earrings add a touch of blue to any outfit!

Nanyok Disc Earrings 9.99

These earrings, handmade by the Maasai women of Tanzania, come in a functional classic black!

Samaritan Pearl Earrings 22.99

Glamorous and glitzy, these lightweight bronze pearl earrings add a touch of elegance!

Tangerine Tear Earrings 16.99

Dainty and fun, these made-in-the-US earrings add a splash of silver and tangerine to your favorite outfit!

Zuri Earrings 16.99

Made from recycled paper, these earrings help provide employment for families in Kenya.