Journals and Bookmarks

African Bookmark Set 12.99

Fun way to save your place in your favorite book!

Calcutta Cross Journal 16.99

Temporarily out of stock, more will be available in mid-February 2016. Vivaciously pink, this journal is not only useful but gives hope for women caught in sex trafficking!

Chinese Bookmark 9.99

Elaborately embroidered bookmark that is a perfect gift for a friend who loves to read!

Cloisonne Bookmark 14.99

Use this handmade bookmark to remember your place in a book and be reminded of the women of Eden Ministry in Asia who are being renewed.

Cross Journal 14.99

Ideal journal for the writer on the go.

Ichthus Journal 16.99

Save thoughts and save lives all at the same time with this unique journal!

Leather Bookmark (Burgundy) 4.99

The perfect gift for every reader in your life.

Sauyunan Bookmark 8.99

Beaded bookmark will keep your place in your reading or writing every time!

Spring Blossom Journal Set 19.99

Write your prayers and thoughts in beautiful handmade journals.

Thin Red Line Bookmark 3.99

Use this handy bookmark to save your place while reading the Thin Red Line series by Kimberly Sowell.

Wild Animals Bookmark Set 12.99

A wild way to save your place in your favorite book!