African Star Ornament (Large) 12.99

Add a touch of Africa to your tree!

African Star Ornament (Small) 9.99

Sales of this star ornament support orphans in Uganda!

Banana Fiber Angel Ornament 14.99

Exotic angel ornament made of banana leaves and sisal fibers.

Beaded Cross Ornament 11.99

Bring a touch of international polish to your tree.

Ceramic Turkish Ornament Set 59.99

Handfired ceramic set of three intricate designs.

Charming Stars Ornament Set 19.99

Celestial handpainted ornaments add international flair.

Chinese Frame Ornament 7.99

Perfect gift for grandparents who love pictures of their grandchildren!

Chrismon Set #1 (Silver) 12.99

Laden with imagery and history. Featuring silver sheen.

Chrismon Set #2 (Silver) 12.99

Laden with imagery. Featuring silver sheen.

Chrismon Set #3 (Silver) 12.99

Laden with imagery. Featuring silver sheen.

Chrismon Set #4 (Silver) 12.99

Laden with imagery. Featuring silver sheen.

Christmas on Ice Ornament Set 24.99

Carolers and skaters bring nostalgic cheer.

Christmas Star Ornament (Red) 6.99

An old-fashioned touch for the Christmas tree.

Christmas Stripes Ornament Set 29.99

Hand-beaded ornaments in joyful Christmas colors and modern stripes.

Crocheted Snowflake (Gold) 4.99

Expertly crocheted gold threads bring shimmer to your tree.

Global Colors Ornament 8.99

Intricately handpainted ornament that will add color to your tree!

Glory Ornament Set 22.99

Unique leather ornaments handmade in Kenya!

Golden Nativity Ornament Set 19.99

Redesign your tree in style.

Golden Stars Ornament Set 22.99

Handpainted terra-cotta star ornaments that will beautifully accent your tree.

Good News Star Ornament Set 16.99

Hang these star ornaments on your tree to celebrate the good news of the season!

Heavenly Angels Ornament Set 19.99

Gold-embossed angels bring international culture to your tree.

Holy Land 3-D Creche Ornament 14.99

Celebrate the story of Christmas by hanging this Nativity ornament on your tree.

Mary and Jesus Ornament 9.99

Endearing depiction of Mary and Baby Jesus in rich gold and scarlet.

Multi-colored Beaded Cross Ornament 11.99

Colorful take on a classic WorldCrafts ornament.

Olive Wood Ornament Collection 22.99

Enjoy the beauty of the West Bank’s olive wood this Christmas.

Ribbon Angel Ornament 9.99

Hang this angel on your tree to remind you of the glorious Christmas season.

Star Dust Ornament Set 19.99

Shimmering finery for your Christmas tree.

Thai Nativity Ornament Set 26.99

The Christmas story in vivid color.

Thai Star Ornament 7.99

Beautiful ornament gives freedom and hope to Thai girls.

Touch of India Ornament Set 19.99

Set of 3 handpainted ornaments from India makes a unique Christmas gift.

Ugandan Star Ornament Set 24.99

Handmade paper-bead stars that will add a touch of Uganda to your tree!

Village Christmas Ball Set (Large) 33.99

Revel in the artistry: each piece can take up to two months to complete. Set of 4.

Worldview Ornament 11.99

A great prayer reminder for impoverished artisans around the world!

Yunnan Tree Ornament Set 14.99

Set of 2 ornaments means you get one to keep and one to give away.