Educational Elephant Train 24.99

Wooden puzzle train that teaches children their primary colors and how to count!

Educational Snail Puzzle 26.99

Wooden puzzle that teaches children their primary colors, letters of the alphabet, and how to count!

Little Workers Finger Puppet Set 19.99

Cute little fellas sure to be a hit with the kids.

Nativity Finger Puppet Set 29.99

Your kids or grandkids will learn the true meaning of Christmas as you tell the Nativity story with these fun finger puppets.

Noah's Ark Finger Puppet Set 29.99

Great gift for birthdays.

Noah's Ark Wooden Puzzle 29.99

This wooden puzzle is perfect for teaching children animals and depicting the story of Noah and the ark!

North African Finger Puppet Set 19.99

Great tool for teaching children about the culture of five different North African countries.

South American Finger Puppet Set 19.99

Adorable folk art, these hand-sewn finger puppets showcase the cultures of five South American countries.

West African Finger Puppet Set 19.99

Children will learn about the people and cultures in five exotic West African countries.

World Finger Puppet Set A 19.99

Expand a child’s world with these five hand-sewn, felt finger puppets.

World Finger Puppet Set B 19.99

International culture fits on one hand!