Although the Maasai women of Tanzania who formed Nanyok are no longer nomadic, their lives revolve around livestock. The five-month dry season kills the grass, leaving the goats to die, meaning no milk for Maasai children. Each eight-strand beaded bracelet or ornament sold creates a savings fund for new goats to replace any that die. In a recent year, the women saved $150 from their handmade products and bought 15 goats to nourish their children.


Maasai Zebra Bracelet 12.99

Zebra patterned bracelet adds a hint of Africa to any outfit.

Naapok Earrings 6.99

Temporarily out of stock, more will be available in mid- January 2015. Designed and handcrafted in Tanzania, these earrings add a touch of blue to any outfit!

Naapok Star Ornament Set 27.99

Light and whimsical, these colorful beaded stars bring the spirit of Christmas!

Nanyok Disc Earrings 9.99

These earrings, handmade by the Maasai women of Tanzania, come in a functional classic black!