Himalayan Tapestry

Within each stitch of the Himalayan Tapestry artisans’ handiwork is a story of illiteracy, abuse within marriage, and culturally conditioned gender discrimination. While these Indian women suffer quietly, they are expected to carry the financial burden of their families. The women come to Himalayan Tapestry with little education and no basic skills and learn to quilt, tailor, read, and manage money. Working with this organization not only enables women to make money from their new talents, it also enables them to receive crisis counseling, which brings financial and emotional comfort to their troubled lives.


Colorful Wheels Purse 39.99

Each purse is hand stamped and sewn by a woman from Himalayan Tapestry in India.

Himalayan Scarf- Cream 22.99

A neutral, handwoven, cream-colored scarf that will top off any outfit!

Himalayan Scarf- Pink 22.99

A fun, handwoven, pink-colored scarf that will add a pop of color to any outfit!

Hope Scarf 17.49

Silk, vegetable-dyed scarf provides hope to Indian women.

Indian Flower Clutch 29.99

Cute silk clutch is perfect for casual and formal events.

Wildflower Apron 26.99

Vintage-style apron that features 2 handy pockets handmade by women in India.