Godavari Women

In some villages of India, a woman may not remarry, even if her husband has passed away. This tradition forces women to become the sole provider for their children, even though they don’t have any marketable skills. Godavari Women, a group of artisans that creates crocheted lace items and tote bags, allows women to completely depend on their artisan skills for their income. They also gain medical insurance, first aid, eye checkups, and free eyeglasses. Godavari Women’s dream is to teach and train all 25,000 artisans living in this area to use and hone their talents.


Crocheted Bunting Garland 19.99

Add some extra charm to your bridal shower or nursery with this crocheted garland!

Crocheted Pinwheel Necklace 19.99

Unique necklace hand-crocheted by widows in India.

Frosted Snowflake Ornament 3.99

Add to your ornament collection with this lightweight and unique crocheted snowflake!

Indian Garden Necklace 19.99

Unique necklace made of hand-crocheted flowers and wooden buttons by widows in India.